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We offer several different appraisal services to get your listings sold quickly and provide solutions to your clients.

Pre-Listing Appraisal:  This appraisal works great for unique homes and in challenging or rapidly changing markets.  Or perhaps you and your seller are just not seeing eye-to-eye.  When you order a pre-listing appraisal, you get an unbiased, objective, and independent appraisal that will help you and your seller determine the best course of action for getting their home sold.

Price-Adjustment Appraisal:  Perhaps you took a listing knowing it was overpriced.  Or are listing a home in a challenging or rapidly changing market.  A price-adjustment appraisal can be a great way to objectively relay to your seller that the list price of their home needs to be more competitive.  This appraisal will come from someone outside the transaction and can help your client understand the current market.

Reconsideration of Value:  -FREE- Sometimes you disagree with an appraised value, or you just get a bad appraisal.  Before getting a second opinion of value (see below) you may be able to resolve your issues by filing a reconsideration of value with the lender.  Download our free “Reconsideration of Value Request” Template and the Example as a guide showing how to fill this form out.  Many Realtors have used this more than once, often with great success, so save these on your computer.  A well written reconsideration of value is a powerful tool!

Second Opinion of Value:  You have a signed purchase contract, and the appraisal has been ordered.  Have you ever felt uncertain or even helpless about what the appraisal results will be?  As an appraise we understand this feeling, and possibly why you feel this way.  For almost all purchase transactions lenders utilize an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) to source the buyer’s appraiser.  AMC’s take the appraisal fee approved by the lender, pay a portion to the appraiser, and keep the rest.  The vast majority of AMC’s will select the appraiser from a large list based not necessarily on the quality of work, but on the lowest fee, and the fastest delivery date.  The reality of this transaction environment is you often get what you pay for, which may mean a less qualified appraiser reducing the amount of work put into the appraisal due to the reduced fee.  The result can be an inferior appraisal product, with reduced accuracy, possible financial losses, or even a cancellation of the contract.  The stakes are high, and this is not how the valuation of a home should be approached.  We can help contest the results by reviewing the appraisal for factual errors, poor choice of comparable properties, and lack of support of the value conclusion.  We can also provide you with a new appraisal prepared by a highly qualified appraiser.  

Price Verification Appraisal:  This is a great appraisal if your client is paying cash for a property since a bank appraisal will not be required.  This appraisal will ensure your client is not overpaying for the property.  

Home Improvement Appraisal:  A great product for those that work with investors. This appraisal will provide an “as completed” value.  Unlike “as-is” appraisals where the home’s existing features are used to determine the value, “as-completed” appraisals are valued as if the new features being planned in the renovation already exist in that home.  The appraiser will rely on renovation plans to evaluate the value of the property in its future state.  We can help your client to get an honest look at their potential ROI so they can keep investing through you.  

Home Measurement:  One of the main elements used when pricing a home is square footage. If the square footage is incorrect, it can have a significant effect on the value.  See our Home Measurement Services page for more details.

Consulting:  If you are not ready for a full appraisal or need some insight about a property from an appraiser’s perspective, then consulting may be for you.  Email Steve at [email protected] for rates and information.  With over two decades of experience there are many ways we can help you. 

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Stephen D. Ihrig II, SRA is principal of SDI Appraisal, specializing in the valuation of residential real estate. Steve has been providing appraisal and consulting services since 2003. Currently a Certified Residential Appraiser in the State of Florida, Steve was awarded the SRA designation from the Appraisal Institute.

In today’s ever-changing real estate market, utilize only the best and most qualified individuals to perform your residential appraisals.  An accurate value supported by data and analysis, that reflects market trends, can hold up in any court of law, is considered a high-quality report by any lender’s underwriting system, and meets all USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) standards should be your primary objective when retaining a real estate appraiser.

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Based on 16 reviews
Guillermo Martinez
Guillermo Martinez
I had a great experience with SDI appraisals! Steve was very personable and he took the time to answer all of my questions. I appreciate how quick he was able to produce a report for me. I’ll be sure to use him again!
Stephen Ihrig has been honest, diligent, communicative, and detailed in his work for me. He went above and beyond communicating with me about his services while I am in the final stages of my divorce, when the majority of our marital assets are the real estate he appraised for me. I can’t wait to have him be my expert witness for my day in Florida court. Well earned reasonable fee. 100% confidence in SDI and Stephen. I have high standards for quality and I highly recommend!!
Steve is an awesome appraiser! He is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to help with all my appraisal related questions when needed.
Derek Golden LLC
Derek Golden LLC
I recently had the pleasure of working with Stephen and SDI Appraisal and I must say I was thoroughly impressed by their professionalism and expertise. From the moment I first made contact, I felt reassured that I was in good hands. Stephen was punctual, respectful, and showed an incredible depth of knowledge about the housing market and appraisal process. He took the time to explain the entire procedure in detail, ensuring we were well-informed and comfortable every step of the way. The appraisal report itself was delivered promptly and was comprehensive, yet easy to understand. It provided valuable insights into my property's value and how it compares to others in my neighborhood. I was also impressed by the inclusion of clear, high-quality photos and detailed explanations for each valuation point. This experience has made me appreciate the value of a skilled, professional appraiser. I highly recommend Stephen and SDI Appraisal to anyone in need of a thorough and accurate home appraisal.
Debra Caponnetto
Debra Caponnetto
Steve was extremely informative and professional. He did some background research without charge and recomnended that I seek someone more local based on tge purpose for my appraisal and was kind enough to provide 3 additional referrals. Couldn’t have asked for anything more from a cold call. Thanks again for all your help Steve!
Glenn Mccoy
Glenn Mccoy
Steve completed an appraisal for a home equity line of credit we were seeking. I soon discovered he is a very dedicated professional; thorough, extremely knowledgable, and his analytical mind is impressive. I own a real estate brokerage, and rarely do I find an appraiser that has such a command of the nuances of my market - Steve certainly did. Thank you!
Renee Gray-Wyall
Renee Gray-Wyall
We just received our appraisal from Stephen and could not be more pleased with his outstanding , professional and time sensitive service and expertise . The appraisal report is very thorough with 7 comparable sales and explanation for adjustments, beautiful pictures and professional presentation. We called a total of 3 appraisers in one day , Stephen was the only one that got back with us , we are so glad he did we feel blessed that we were able to snag such an experienced appraiser .
Christina Pitchford
Christina Pitchford
Steve was very easy to work with to schedule the appraisal as quickly as possible--and then very quick to return the detailed report! Much appreciated!
Christine Burke
Christine Burke
I would highly recommend! I called Steve for questions about a land encroachment issue hoping he could provide some direction. He spent an hour on the phone with me, then sent me a detailed email leading me to other people and resources. All his time, FREE. Please use his company!! He is very helpful and honest!
Jenny Brimley
Jenny Brimley
They did a great job! Steve came out the day after he called and got the appraisal completed in just a couple business days! I was extremely happy with the appraisal he gave us. Will definitely recommend to anyone needing an appraisal.

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